'The earthquake was very strong': Ecuadoran children tell their stories

By Santiago Mosqueros
Apr 20, 2016

Their world turned upside down.

In a few moments everything changed for children who experienced the magnitude-7.8 earthquake that struck Ecuador’s central coast on April 16.

Four children who attend Child-Friendly Spaces recall how they felt and reacted to the sudden shock. World Vision has opened three Child-Friendly Spaces in Manabi province where children can play safely and receive psychosocial support while their parents and neighbors clean up debris and begin to rebuild.

Read more about the Ecuador earthquake and World Vision's Child-Friendly Spaces.

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©2016 World Vision, Santiago Mosqueros
Gabriela, 6: "I was really scared. I was with my uncles, and everyone started screaming, but we did leave the house."
©2016 World Vision, Santiago Mosqueros
Agustin, 10: "The earthquake was very strong. The whole house was moving, and one wall from my house fell down. I wanted to run but could not because everything moved very strong."
©2016 World Vision, Santiago Mosqueros
Roberto, 8: "I was listening to music at home when the earthquake started. I fell down and hit my body. I wanted to cry a lot.”
©2016 World Vision, Santiago Mosqueros
Justin, 7: "I was watching television when everything started shaking. Then I hid under the table with my grandmother, but she fell down. I wanted to help her but I couldn't."